The Handyman's Guide to Concreting at Home
Modern Alsafe Concrete will save you money, time, labour, storage space, mess and doubts about the strength of the finished job. You will receive concrete of a consistent quality, correctly mixed as well. You can buy ordinary pre-mixed concrete from other manufacturers, but Alsafe Concrete is specially formulated for your particular job.

We can supply loads as small as 0.4m3, which is about six wheelbarrow loads. All it takes is some preparation, simple arithmetic, and a phone call to Alsafe, to obtain any information you may require and to arrange delivery of the concrete. You can even order small quantities of Alsafe Concrete at intervals to suit your own home improvement schedule.

If there are any procedures that you don’t understand, phone us and talk to our experts. They are ready and willing to give you all the advice you need.
DIY Alsafe Concrete