The Handyman's Guide to Concreting at Home
Concrete is measured and purchased in cubic metres.

Follow these easy steps to work out the volume of concrete required.

Area in square metres = Length (m) x Width (m). Using a typical garage floor as an example:

Area = 10m x 3m = 30m²

This may depend on your excavation, but in any case minimum thickness should be:
  Paths 75mm
  Driveways 100mm
  Garage Floors 125mm

For our example, thickness = 125mm

Read the volume required from this chart.
For our example:
  Area = 30m²
  Thickness = 125mm
  Volume = 3.8m³


Volume in cubic metres =  

For our example:

Volume required =  

The nearest available quantity = 3.8m³

It is wise to add a little extra for wastage and variations in depth.
For our example we would order 4.0m³.

Do you need permission for your
project from the local council?

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